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Here we are once again (aquí estamos de nuevo) disfrutando de una infusión digestiva para aliviar todo el stress and cold que nos rodea, así como siguiendo con una nueva entrada sobre las entrevistas de trabajo en inglés.

Esta vez os traemos los verbos más comunes para el ámbito de trabajo o job interview, tanto para hablar como para escribir.  (Todos van en pasado simple, ya que en una entrevista uno va hablar sobre sus experiencias de trabajo en pasado 😉


           Verbs A Example Sentence
accomplish  (conseguir) I’ve accomplished a lot in my current position.
act (actuar) She’s acted as head of the department.
adapt (adaptar) We adapt to team working situations easily.
administer (administrar) Mark administered four committees.
advance (avanzar) They’ve advanced many new ideas.
advise (avisar) Tom advised management on purchasing decisions.
allocate (alocar) Mr. Ford allocated resources on a weekly basis.
analyze (analizar) I analyzed financial data.
applly(solicitar) She applied her knowledge to workflow.
approve (aprobar) I approved new products for manufacturing.
arrange (organizar) Sarah arranged for Fortune 500 companies.
arrange (organizar)                       Miss Poppins  arranged meetings.
assiste (asistir, participar)           I assisted the CEO.
attain  (conseguir, lograr)            We are so close to attaining our goal.

we can be heroes salón de idiomas

 Verb B-C Example Sentence
blend (combinar) Carl blended traditional approaches with new insights.
bring (traer) I brought a team player sensibility to the job.
build (construir) We built more than 200 homes.
carriy out (llevar a cabo) I carried out a wide range of duties.
catalog (listar) I cataloged our company’s library.
collaborate (colaborar) We’ve collaborated with more than fifty clients.
complete (complete) I completed the highest level of the training.
conceive (concebir) I’ve conceived of numerous products.
conduct (llevar a cabo) I conducted telephone surveys.
construct (construir) I constructed prototypes for marketing.
consult (consultar) I’ve consulted on a wide range of issues.
contract (bajo contrato) I’ve contracted with large and small businesses.
controll (controlar) I controlled more than $40,000,000.
cooperate (cooperar) I cooperated successfully on more than team projects.
coordinate (coordinar) I coordinated between sales and marketing departments.
correct (corregir) I edited and corrected company brochures.
counsel (aconsejar)  I counseled clients on insurance policies.
create (crear)

She created more than twenty advertising campaigns.

Verb D-E Example Sentence
deal (tratar)  I’ve dealt with a wide variety of issues.
decide (decidir)  I’ve decided I need to further my career.
decrease (disminuir)  I decreased spending while improving profits.
delegate (delegar)  I’ve delegated tasks on a number of projects.
detect (detectar) I detected a number of mistakes.
develope (desarrollar) I developed an invention.
devise (concebir) I devised a plan to improve profits.
direct (dirigir) I directed the sales department.
discover (descubrir)  I discovered the reason.
distribute (distribuir)  We distributed throughout the country.
document (documentar)  I documented company policies.
double (duplicar) We doubled profits in only two years.
edit (comunicar) I edited company communications.
encourage (animar) We encouraged research and development.
engineer (editar) I engineered a wide range of applications.
enlarge (agrandar) I enlarged our community outreach.
escalate (intensificar)  We escalated the problems to the director.
establish (establecer)  I established company guidelines.
estimate (estimar) I estimated future costs.
evaluate (evaluar) I evaluated investment opportunities.
examine (examinar)  I examined sites for pollution.
expande (expandir)  I expanded our sales to Canada.
experience (experiementar)  We experienced difficulties meeting the deadline.
explore (explorar) We explored a wide range of possibilities.

Verb F-L Example Sentence
facilitate (facilitar)  I facilitated an exchange of ideas between the companies.
finalize (finalizar)  I finalized projections for the year.
formulate (formular)  I formulated answers to the questions.
found (fundar)  I’ve founded two companies.
function (funcionar)  I functioned as a liaison between management and employees.
guide (guiar)  I guided operations through the process.
handle (manejar) I handled customer complaints.
head (guiar) I headed an exploratory committee.
identify (identificar)  I identified issues and reported back to management.
implement (implement)  I implemented company plans.
improve (mejorar)  I improved the feedback process.
increase (mejorar) We increased sales by over 50%.
initiate (iniciar)  I initiated investments into the latest technology.
inspect (inspeccionar)  We inspected more than two hundred companies.
install (instalar)  I installed air-conditioning units.
introduce (introducir)  We introduced innovate products.
invent (inventar) The company invented double-sided tape.
investigate (investigar)  I investigated customer complaints.
lead (guiar) I led the sales department to its best year.

Verb M-P Example Sentence
maintain (mantener)  I maintained the company database.
manage (manejar)  I’ve managed more than five hundred employees.
moderate (moderar)  I moderated negotiations between the two companies.
negotiate (negociar)  I negotiated a better deal for the company.
operate (operar)  I’ve operated heavy machinery.
organize (organizar) I’ve organized many projects.
perform (desempeñar)  I performed as company clerk.
pioneer (liderar)  We pioneered new sound technologies.
plan (planear) I planned company retreats.
prepare (preparar)  I prepared documents for management.
present (presentar)  I presented at many conferences.
program (programar)  I programmed the company database.
promote (promocionar)  I promoted employees in human resources.
provide (aportar)  We provided feedback to management.
purchase (comprar)  I purchased materials for the company.

Verb R-Z Example Sentence
recommend (recomendar)  I recommended cutbacks at the company.
record (registrar)  I recorded notes during meetings.
recruit (contratar) We recruited the best talent.
redesign (rediseñar)   I redesigned company workflow.
repair (reparar)  I repaired watches for a few years.
replace (reemplazar) I replaced the director after only six months.
restore (devolver) I restored the company to profitability.
reverse (revertir) We reversed the trend and grew.
review (analizar) I reviewed company documents and made recommendations.
revise (repasar) I revised figures at the end of each quarter.
screen (filtrar) I screened applicants during job interviews.
select (seleccionar) I selected employees and assigned tasks.
service (servir) We serviced all the buses in the area.
set up (instalar) I set up four branches.
stimulate (estilar) I stimulated discussion between departments.
strengthen (fortalecer)  We strengthened sales abroad.
summarize (resumir)  I summarized complex ideas so everyone could understand.
supervise (dirigir) I supervised two teams on the project.
support (apoyar)  I supported management with research.
test (verificar)  I tested a number of devices in the field.
train (entrenar) I trained employees.
transform (transformar)  We transformed the company in a short time.
upgrade (actualizar)  We upgraded our IT infrastructure.
validate (validar)  I validated customer claims.

Yes, sí, hay muuuchos verbos dentro de los cuáles poder elegir, así que vocabulario en inglés no os falta para que you rock! (moléis 🙂flor salón de idiomas en vuestras entrevistas.

Tips! Leedlos y aplicadlos a vuestra experiencia laboral y sobre todo practicad, practicad y practicad!!!

Good luck!


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